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Quickly and simply, in a few steps, we offer you a robotic solution that fits your production.

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Need guidance on how robotics could help you increase productivity, lessen labor shortage impact, or enhance quality? You think robotics is too complicated to implement in your situation?

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6 simple steps

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Your operations

Complete the online questionnaire about your operations to find out which solution fits your needs.

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Schedule an appointment to obtain a programming demonstration of the robotic solution with one of your parts, as well as a detailed submission.

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Come test the programming of your automated process on a robotic solution in our 3M-AV&R lab.

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Confirm your purchase options and conditions and proceed to complete your order.

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Learn how to program and use our robotic solutions with ease on AV&R Academy.

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We install the robotic solution at your location and ensure its good functioning. We also train your employees to adequately use the solution.

What we’ve been doing for over 25 years? Developing surface finishing and visual inspection solutions.

Is it easy to obtain a robotic solution?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

With the help of the simplified acquisition process GetBot!, you will easily learn how our robotic solutions work and meet the needs of your production.

Live demonstration, test, return on investment calculator and online training are all part of the GetBot! steps.

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Our robotic solutions help our clients meet their production demands and growth goals.

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