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How Robotic Technologies Apply to Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection
26 . 01 . 2021

How Robotic Technologies Apply to Visual Inspection

Visual surface inspection is a crucial step in the manufacturing process, especially for industries such as aeronautics and orthopaedics. Usually performed by operators, visual inspection requires certain levels of repeatability and consistency that, if not achieved, can result in heavy costs to manufacturers. The AV&R’s automated visual inspection system, the VI-X, provides a solution for manufacturers wishing to improve their inspection. This unique technology, developed by AV&R over the past 29 years, brings together image acquisition, lighting and state-of-the-art software (OwlVision) equipment in one system that can detect and classify 2D and 3D surface defects in an automated manner, as well as produce data reports.

Why Automate Your Inspection Operations?

  • Solve staff shortage problems
  • Improve repeatability of the operation according to your production requirements
  • Enhance adaptability to process changes and inspection requirements through parameter management in OwlVision software
  • Stabilize quality consistency: Neither over-quality nor under-quality that can increase your production costs
  • Harvest accurate data around your parts to guide you in managing and improving your operation

Plastic Robotic Visual Inspection Demonstration

The VI-X Works Simply and Efficiently With 5 Basic Steps:

  • Load a batch of parts into the system
  • The robot will acquire images of the surface of each part
  • The software will perform surface flaw detection
  • Decision-making based on OwlVision Software defect detection & classification according to manufacturer’s criteria and tolerances
  • Information report for each part to enhance the inspector’s decision-making: compliance with predefined parameters and defect characteristics

Why Is Our Inspection Technology Unique? Thanks to Our OwlVision Software.

Intuitive, easy to use and specifically adapted to inspection operations, it allows simple set-up of your inspection process.