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How to Get a Robotic

A simple process with GetBot!

We know that buying and installing a robotic solution that is accustomed to your needs can be a long and complicated experience. This is why we implemented a fast and simple process that allows you to choose, test and learn how to use the robotic system that suits you best.

A robotic solution that will not stay in its box!

We go further than a simple order by assisting you until the programing, installation, and daily usage of your solution.
Why use the AV&R robotic solutions?


Thanks to a quick acquisition process and a short ROI.


Our robotic solutions adjust to production changes and to your specific process needs.


New part programming is simplified thanks to our intuitive software.

Robotic solutions that solve your problems

We know that manufacturers face many obstacles to maintain and develop their production. Robotic technologies bring concrete solutions.
Labor shortage and manufacturing operation stops the growth of companies. Robotic solutions can perform hours of work, complete many finishing and visual inspection processes with no breaks.
In order to remain competitive, manufacturing companies need to increase the cadence and capacity of their production. Robotic solutions are able to offer additional hours or even optimize the cycle duration.
The manufacturing companies often need to produce multiple parts. The robotic solutionss are flexible and allow to adapt the process paths to many parts. They are also build to allow the user to simply program new paths and adapt the solution to production changes.
The processes completed manually are at risk of inconsistency in the quality of parts produced, whether it is under-quality or over quality. A robotic solution will always perform the same operation and maintain a constant production quality.
Manual finishing operations are repetitive and can often lead to physical injuries (tendonitis, breathing problems, tool caused accidents, etc.). Thanks to a controled and closed environment, robotic solutions can perform tasks that are difficult for human operators, The usage of these robotic solutions will therefore reduce the risks of health and security.

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