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APN - Case Study - AV&R

Automation of Deburring Operations Supporting Business Growth

The Issue

APN Global is a Québec-based growing company looking for solutions to increase its production capacity.

 As a pioneer in 4.0 concepts, the company looked to automation to improve its deburring capacity (removal of edges on metal parts). 

With the situation of a labor shortage, it is difficult for APN Global to hire manual operators to perform the deburring operation. Training of these operators is lengthy to ensure the quality and consistency their customers expect.

Initial Situation


of parts to deburr each year


manual operators for deburring operations working in 2 shifts

1,500 to 2,000

working hours per year per operator

The Solution

Robotic system: BF-X 200-c DEBURRING

The Results

Within 3 weeks after the installation of the robotic system at APN Global, the company had programmed and approved the automated deburring of 6 different parts.

This represents around 750 hours of fully automated deburring per year, which is the equivalent of an additional half-resource.

After a short customised training on the BrainWave software, APN Global is now autonomous for the robotic programming adjustment of the other parts in its production. The next goal for APN Global is to increase the automated deburring hours per year, in addition to the work done by its manual operators.

Constant Quality

Thanks to the robotic system

Productivity Capacity

Increase 750 hours of deburring per year (and more to come)

Client’s Flexibility and Autonomy

To program automated deburring for new parts

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AV&R’s robotic system is an integral part of APN’s finishing operations. It’s a tool we can program internaly and easily operate in our shop.

William St-Germain, Automation Director