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How Robotic Technologies Apply to Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection26 . 01 . 2021 How Robotic Technologies Apply to Visual Inspection Visual surface inspection is a crucial step in the manufacturing process, especially for industries such as aeronautics and orthopaedics. Usually performed by operators, visual inspection requires certain levels of repeatability and consistency that, if not achieved, can result in heavy costs to […]

Automate Visual Inspection Operations to Increase Production Output

The issue This Quebec manufacturing company encounters production difficulties related to the quality control of the metal surface finish of the parts produced (faucets). Parts must be free of defects before being shipped to the customer. Visual inspection is carried out manually by inspectors. The underlying issues are: Inconsistency of parts inspection – defects not […]

Automation of Deburring Operations Supporting Business Growth

The Issue APN Global is a Québec-based growing company looking for solutions to increase its production capacity.  As a pioneer in 4.0 concepts, the company looked to automation to improve its deburring capacity (removal of edges on metal parts).  With the situation of a labor shortage, it is difficult for APN Global to hire manual […]